Book Review: Sparrow by L J Shen


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

First of all, sorry for being MIA lately. I’ve been incredibly busy and have been in a major reading slump, starting a book and then not finishing them as they don’t appeal to me. Thankfully, I landed on Sparrow by L J Shen and ended up liking it.

The story line is about Troy Brennan, a man who makes a living by being involved in the wrong things, following in the footsteps of his dead mobster father. He asks Sparrow to marry him, a girl he hasn’t spoken to all his life but watched her grow up. Everyone fears him, including his new wife. But really, why would he make her marry him if he doesn’t even like her?

I know many people had a hard time liking Troy but truth be told, I really dug his character. I was prepared to hate him but honestly I’ve seen worse heroes in stories and he was actually quite interesting. Of course he has a thing about telling people what to do but Sparrow won’t take his shit. She argues with him every chance she can and doesn’t let him tell her what to do.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this book as there are many questions which keep you guessing. Who killed Troy’s father? Why did he marry Sparrow? What will Sparrow do in regards to their marriage? There’s also a lot of drama between the two but it’s all in good fun. I loved their constant banter and Tory’s ability to find humour in Sparrow’s sassy-ness.

Overall this was a very entertaining read. The only thing I would say needed improving was that certain parts moved too fast. Such as I was expecting a little bit more of their relationship development as it would have worked better if this story was a little bit longer. Still, it was definitely worth the read.

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