Book Review: Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with being able to continue with the books I start. I’ll refrain from naming and shaming but I’m in some sort of funk where I’m becoming quite picky in what holds my attention. It’s not that the books I’m reading are bad, I actually know I would enjoy them if I wasn’t in this particular state where I’m suddenly so picky.

Anyway, my point is, Swear on This Life is a beauty I couldn’t put down.

This is one of those childhood loves, so it’s no surprise I enjoyed it. These type of books are my absolute weakness. I’m afraid there will come a day when I read them so much that I don’t enjoy them anymore.

Emiline is a woman who is sort of letting life just pass her by. She’s made herself numb to feeling and letting to anything affect her. She can become quite defensive and refuses to acknowledge her problems as they arise. Which is possibly why she’s having a hard time writing a meaningful book and is having relationship problems with her long term boyfriend. She just doesn’t want to communicate about things. At all. Yep, so she did get on my nerves a little by her behaviour. I wanted to slap some sense into her attitude but I suppose you couldn’t blame her for being that way.

Any who, she picks up this book which everyone is talking about being so in and how it’s literally the best thing out there right now. Her roommate reads it and tells her that she must see what it’s about. So she picks it up. And what she reads surprises her. It is a story about an Emerson and a Jackson, childhood friends who literally only have each other after being given a shitty hand at life. All they have is hope and the others company of a better future and a better life ahead of them together. It’s powerful and enrapturing from page one. But this is actually Emeline’s life. Her childhood. Her story. Written by none other than her long lost childhood friend; Jase. She is more than angry at him for stealing her story and not fulfilling the promises he made. While also forcing her to face her past again, the past she so desperately tried to forget.

I loved so many things about this. Number one, I am not opposed to any retelling of the past but I would rather a story be focused on the characters present. However, this surprised me because I loved the going back. I would wait for it like pick up the book already Emeline! It’s so much different than your average going back in the past. It’s actually told through a book inside a book. It’s so weird but so good. I was incredibly glad there weren’t chapters of what happened in the past because as good as it was, I much preferred it being told through Emeline reading a book about it.

Emeline and Jackson’s friendship was incredible. They were survivors. I loved them so so much. They were a beautiful pair and as horrible as their past was, it was also beautiful too. It’s so hard to explain but it can totally be felt when you read the book. I cannot give anything away about the specifics of what I loved because honestly that would be ruining your chance to experience such a beauty so you must read it to find out!

I fell madly in love this story. I am totally blown away by Renee Carlino’s magic. She is a book witch. She writes the most amazing stuff. BEAUTIFUL STUFF RIGHT HERE.

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