Book Review: A Different Blue by Amy Harmon


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Amy Harmon is amazing. I don’t think anyone can disagree with me. She writes the most beautiful stories that leave a huge impact on you.

In today’s book world it’s hard to come out with stories which stand out from the crowd, but I think this one definitely does. I wouldn’t class it as a romance, I mean it does include romance and it might even be included in that genre, but for me it was more about discovering who you are.

Blue Echohawk doesn’t really know anything about her back ground or about her family. She missed out on so many things in her life. Starting school late, living with an aunt who isn’t really her aunt. She puts on a front, uses seduction and cockiness as a mask to keep people away.

A new teacher comes to school, Wilson. He causes his students to think about their lives and write their own story, but Blue doesn’t know that much about her life to actually talk about it. So she refuses to do the task. Again and again.

This story is honestly not predictable. Which is what I really liked about it. I was surprised at each turn and it was nice to discover new things constantly. I liked finding out who Blue was along with her. I would have expected this to go a little more like most teacher-student romances but of course not with Amy Harmon. She turned this into a beautiful journey about finding yourself and finding peace.

Blue was a little lonely with no one she could turn to really but she still kept strong to the world. I really thought she made for a great main character. She had wit, she wasn’t shy and even though she didn’t really know her history, she always seems sure of herself so as not to seem weak to the world.

This is honestly an excellent story and one of those books you must read because it doesn’t disappoint.

“I keep wishing you had had a better life…a different life. But a different life would have made you a different Blue.” He looked at me then. “And that would be the biggest tragedy of all.”


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