Book Review: Sweetest Sorrow (Forbidden, 2) by J.M. Darhower


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romance with suspense

J.M is my book queen! She writes all my favourites, I could read everything from her like a million times and not get bored. I love that she is an author who never disappoints because she’s like pure talent. This book was just so amazing. I loved every minute of it. If you wanna read Mafia but like GOOD Mafia, then J.M is your woman!

This is almost like the modern version of Romeo and Juliet but better. We have family rivalries, power hungry fathers, drama, blood, fighting and death. But it’s not all brutal. There’s a whole lot of homour and even more love. Whether it’s sibling love, cousin, uncle, parent or partner love. You will find it all here.

Dante is always finding himself in some sort of a situation due to the family feuds but this time it was life threatening. He finds himself in a coma and wakes up in a hospital. Feeling anger. Everyone there knows who he is, but its Gabriella who treats him like a normal human rather than the son of a mobster. After finding out what his father did and seeing everything in a different light than he used to, Dante needs a friend.

If Evel Knievel and Michael Corleone made a baby, if that were in any way scientifically possible, they’d spit out Dante Galante. Guaran-friggin-teed.

The characters were flawless. I liked all of them as much as I did the main characters. They were all attractive in their own unique way. Dante was a damaged soul who had just opened his eyes to what his world really was about. Gabriella was a compassionate woman never judging Dante but seeing the real him, regardless of what he had done. Matty and Genna will just always have a special place in my heart. After everything they both do for each other, all the sacrifices, putting up with each other’s shit yeah well that just touched me. I wish someone would buy me cake with strawberry icing. Oh I cannot forget Gavin, I NEED A GAVIN BOOK.

I was kind of afraid that we wouldn’t get Matty and Genna in this book but I kind of liked how it was equally about them as it was Dante and Gabriella. I mean you can never get enough of your favourite characters and I always want more. Speaking of, a certain someone appears in this book which literally gave me a mini heart attack. In case you don’t already know, I cannot say.

He loved women. He couldn’t deny that fact. Butt he’d never been in love with a woman, not the kind of love others talked about. That kind of love was a myth, an urban legend. That kind of love didn’t exist for him.
He’d always been glad for that.
Because that was the kind of love that had taken down Romeo and Juliet.
It was the kind of love that destroyed lives.

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