Book Review: The Player by Claire Contreras


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I am so amazed by how brilliantly this book turned out! One of the best from this year.

I could not put it down once I had picked it up. The Player has turned out even better than I would have expected. It is a book I can read more than once so I shall definitely be getting this in paperback form.

Camila is a big hearted woman who is not impressed by money. She is concerned about relationships with real people. So of course it could only be disaster when Warren, bigtime football player enters her life. Because she’s such an amazing person, she accepts him for who he is but accepting his constant nagging of going on a date is something she isn’t willing to do.

Warren was a character who is unforgettable. I’m not much for football and I imagine these people would be snotty. But I liked this version of a football player. He was determined to chase after Camila, even if he might not have really understood why. He showed characteristics of being a better person than what his lifestyle might portray him to be and Camila sees that about him. She herself is so full of life, accepting and she’s amazing with everybody. She’s a queen. And I might even like her more than Warren. There was something about her character which inspired and it’s also one of the factors which made this book so likable.

The storyline was well set out. When I started I was waiting for the inevitable to happen as we are shown in the prologue. But it’s what makes the book so interested. I loved the journey which led to it. There’s just something about being on edge, waiting for something to happen in a storyline which makes it so gripping. I felt so much along with the characters and it is all down to fantastic writing.

And this book was partly set in my hometown which was really interesting! I don’t know, I always feel a sense of pride when I read about my hometown. As one of the character says, Manchester is definitely better London.

There isn’t a single thing about this book which wasn’t interesting for me. I think everything was perfection from beginning to end. I was sad when the book ended, I need more of Warren and Camila in my life!

I think everyone should read this book. I can’t see why or how people might not like it.

We kissed slowly by the Hudson, with thousands of pigeons making a beautiful light show above our heads and I couldn’t think of any place I would’ve rather been in that moment.

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