Book Review: Win Some, Lose Some by Shay Savage


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mental Health

I have so much respect for books that focus on mental health. There definitely needs to be more awareness and this definitely helps people understand a little bit more about someone with Autism, OCD and ADD. There are a few books out there about Autism but never in first person. I guess it is tricky to write from that perspective. It requires intense research and even then it’s hard to get it right. But Shay did a great job. I always worry with these books that I’ll end up picking faults that this isn’t write, but I am so pleased with this story.

I have never read a Shay Savage book before. I didn’t really think her stories were for me. But this blurb caught my eye and I am a sucker for sweet books. She did a really good job with this story. I was hooked from the beginning!

Matthew is a strong 18-year-old high schooler, with a lot of responsibility for someone his age. He’s living on his own as both his parents have passed away and he has a sister in care. He has to pay for his own bills and living facilities whilst at the same time thinking about her care and his schooling. On top of that, he struggles with anything outside of his routine and social contact. But this man is so strong. He does have an uncle and an aunt who are so loving but he likes being independent. Myra is in his class, they’ve never really spoke as he has trouble in social situations, but he has to sit behind her one day and she says hi. The teacher ends up pairing them together on a school project and even though he’s never really wanted it, he finally meets a friend who is genuine and compassionate.

I loved the theme of the story ‘win or lose’. Not every day can be a win and that’s ok. Someday’s you lose but the next is better! The narration ends each chapter with whether it was a win or lose for that day but Matthew stays strong no matter the ending. I liked how it focused on something more to share with the reader. I love books with little messages which you can take with you at the end of the day. This book shows that you should be grateful and count your blessings but most importantly to be kind!

This is a super cute story about two teenagers developing a special bond. It’s unique and I can’t imagine why anyone would ever not like it. So it’s definitely worth giving a go.

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