Book Review: Six of Crows (Book One) by Leigh Bardugo


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

I love this even more than the Grisha Trilogy! The concept of the whole book was unique and I couldn’t stop turning the pages until I finished the whole book.

When I started this book I was confused by much of the terminology. It does take some time to understand it and get used to it, especially since the author has made this whole world up. Once I got into it though, I was completely done for.

Kaz and his team are currently residing in Ketterdam, which is a really crappy city if you must know. There are many criminals and well, no one would willingly reside there, which is true for the team except probably Kaz. There’s Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jasper, Wylan. They all are great to get to know as you continue reading the chapters of this book. Kaz put’s them together to accomplish a mission which is literally impossible. But once you get to know Kaz, you almost see hope of this mission being successful.

This is very fast paced and highly entertaining. There was something new around every turn and you could never see it coming. I can’t even say how many times I had “OMG” moments because there was a new twist at almost every chapter. Truly, these characters never got a break from their adventure. They always got caught up in some action packed scene and I think it is one of the things which makes this book so great; the continuous action scenes and never being able to anticipate just what could go wrong next.

I am obsessed with Kaz. He’s such an interesting character. His brain (or really the author’s brain) is always, always one step ahead, thinking of new and interesting schemes that only someone insanely clever could think of. He is also incredibly brave for not being afraid of executing different plans. He has a reputation he must follow after all, but he is a brilliant leader for his team.

To finish, I loved this series from beginning to end. I’m so glad I got to meet this characters in this extraordinary world.

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