Book Review: Pretty Lost Dolls (Book 2) by Ker Dukey and K Webster


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Sometimes a tough girl who is used to saving herself needs a hero.
And maybe a hero needs a girl to save him too.

Well, I have waited impatiently for this book! Especially after the way the last book ended because holy shit that was intense. The storyline is rather interesting and unique. It’s not your usual captor romance, which is why I loved it. The ‘bad guy’ wasn’t romanticised so it definitely brings something new to the table.

I can’t imagine the absolute terror for Jade, being back in the place she managed to escape from. Her nightmare coming to life. Being back in the presence of the person who made her life so complicated. Benny aka Benjamin. He’s ‘in love’ with Jade and wants to make her his in his own twisted way. He thinks by them being together, she will finally realise she loves him too. So he tries to show her his past, what made him the way he is, in hopes she will understand and protect him.

I must admit, I hated Benjamin in the last book. What he did is fucked up. There is no forgiveness for something like that of course but I got to see his past in this book. Yes, there are always childhood situations that shape us into who we become and he became what he thought was normal and what he saw. I do feel sad for him surprisingly. I didn’t think I could. I blame his parents for who they were as they made him who he is. He never experienced love so he couldn’t have known what it means. He doesn’t know compassion. All he understands is the language of dolls which is the language his mother spoke. There were scenes which honestly made me shed tears for him. Yes, he did bad things but in his mind they were his warped version of right. Not to get off point here, but my beliefs from having been a psychology student and having studied criminal behaviour is that people should always be treated with a forensic psychologist when they commit crimes such as in this situation.

I still loathed Macy. She was more than deranged. Just another person who became a version of what they saw. However, she was supposed to be ‘broken’ and I definitely don’t think Benny wanted her to kill like she did. But she was beyond saving. Jade could never get past that little fact though, because I family is family and as much as I want to hate her for supporting her sister so much, I can’t.

I must admit however; the last part wasn’t all as I expected it to be. I think there could have been more thrill and more suspense after the first book and the first half of this story. It felt a little rushed. For a story like this I expected it to be more epic. It might have helped if it had been a little longer. But the manner in which is ended, like what happens right at the end (which I can’t say for spoiler reasons) was exactly what should have happened. That definitely worked for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this sequel. I was kept on edge for this entire ride. There characters were very interesting and they were portrayed really well. You can hate them, but you will also love them. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a little suspense in their stories!

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