Book Review: Until Harry by L.A. Casey


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: New Adult

I just love second chance or long term romances. They are my favourite kind. L.A Casey has written a wonderful book which I could not stop reading.

People create their happiness, but they also create their destruction. Live the life you want.

I loved how much family was valued in this book. Not many people are so close these days but the family in this book challenged that. Yes, they were a little too into each other’s business but that’s what I loved. How much they cared about each other and looked out for one another. Lane’s family brought a very homely feeling and reminded me somewhat of mine, which is why I think I was so attached.

Lane has been living in New York for the past 6 years after making the choice to move away from her family. Except she’s not living the dream, she’s actually running away from problems which she couldn’t cope with back home. Or a certain boy who stole her heart. Her best friend. After hearing of the passing of her Uncle Harry, who she is very close to, she must finally go back home to meet everyone she left behind.

Kale was the perfect boy she looked up to growing up. He was kind, compassionate and always there to protect her. I loved how close they were and how much they gave to each other. Even if they didn’t realise it was romantic initially. Of course it’s not easy trying to be with a person who holds your best friend/almost brother title. And especially someone who is close to your family. How awkward would that be? What if he didn’t reciprocate the feelings? Those are the things Lane tried to run away from.

This story is told is various future and past situations. There were lots of scenes from their childhood and how they came to this place in the present. I loved getting to experience their most important parts of their lives. It was in fact very cute and I think it is one of the things which made this story great for me. However, I do think I wanted to experience much more of them in the present. The story felt sort of unfulfilled for me as it ends quite sudden. So I would have liked for the story to be a little bit longer.

I just have one question, why is the hero named after a vegetable?

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