Book Review: One by Jewel E. Ann


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humour

One is enough. It’s unique. It’s a chance, an opportunity, an experience. One is never greedy. One is independent. One can change everything.

This book was so hilarious. I lived for the banter. I’m probably one of the few who hasn’t read Jack and Jill but decided to read this. I read amazing reviews and really needed a good laugh. I was told time and time again that I must read this and boy was I glad to.

Lake is probably one of the most amazing characters I have met in my book life. She has no brain to mouth filter. She speaks anything that pops in her head and oh my God, it’s hilarious when she starts babbling. As much as I loved the hero she made this book for me. Even though this was a comedy there was a serious element to this. Lake is half a leg missing due to an accident in which she also lost her boyfriend. She has overcome so much and she is the strongest, most confident person still. She is so sure of herself and I admired that about her.

With a subtle arch of my back. I attempted to look confident, because nothing said confidence like a good push-up bra. My boobs weren’t the ripest mangoes on the tree, but they were a step above fleshy acorns.

Cage was also a total babe. He loved completely and he would anything for that love. He wasn’t afraid to see his priorities. I usually see a struggle in people between their career and the people in their lives. He knows where his lie and he’s willing to sacrifice one for the other. Such as AMAZING man. Yes, I love alpha males but Cage, he was perfect.

Together they had the most amazing love. They were true soul mates. Meant to be. Changing each other’s lives for the better. I just had the most amazing feeling reading the quotes, their times together, how they made each other feel. It’s definitely worth reading about.

I highlighted the shit out of this book. Which is a shame since I only have this on kindle unlimited. It was rather philosophical for me believe it or not. I don’t really want to go into debate or lecturing mode but I picked up on something important in this story. I am someone who strongly believes in fate. I also believe strongly in free will but I think somethings are meant to be because there is no possible explanation for it. This book also shows that. There are things which you cannot control so you just have to let it be and LIVE. We never really see things as happening for the best or as something that could bring us some good.

”Hi,” he whispered over my lips a split second before he kissed me. I died. The end. Story over.

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