Review: The Man I Love (The Fish Tales book 1) by Suanne Laqueur


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

OMG. Feelings overload. This book is going to be so hard to talk about because it made me a mess. I just want to say it was freaking amazing and beautiful and I loved it and then leave it at that. But there are somethings I really want to say so I will.

Nothing man-made was perfect. Not even massive Churches. A partnership wasn’t about being beautiful and adored in the spotlight, it was about incorporating the mistakes into the architecture and continuing to build something beautiful. Together.

When I started this, I couldn’t get into it. May be because I had some incredibly busy days and my mind was constantly on something else. But when it finally cleared I started reading it properly and was quickly swept away by this beautiful story.

Erik Fiskare is a technical theatre student. He is also soul mates with Daisy Bianco, a ballerina. As well as being best friends with Will, his dancer friend. All who have a major impact in his life. Then comes James, who spins their world right around leaving them all in ruins.

A connection so soulful, it was cellular.
“Consanguinity,” he said, moving his mouth around the word but making no sound. A blood bond. A soul bond.

This book was so philosophical. It was for me anyway. Growing up, dealing with issues, it’s not easy. Especially when major events happen which threaten your being. But life isn’t perfect and we have to move forward. Sometimes we just can’t. Even though this was a love story, it was more about becoming your true self, letting go and just dealing with shit you’ve been putting off. Things that have been building up. It’s quite complicated, but I enjoyed the aspect of getting to see those things with Erik. It was like his own biography (but not from first point of view). I just couldn’t stop highlighting things he discovered on this life quest.

Pain makes joy sweeter. And joy helps you survive pain. You can’t have one without the other. If you open yourself to both, you are, by default, surviving.”

His and Daisy’s love was true. It was freaking beautiful and other worldly. You only meet one soul mate and these two were the definition of that. I lived for their moments. They went through so
much together but not necessarily growing together. Erik liked to run away from problem and avoid them altogether. My heart broke for them and I hated they had to go through awful things mentally. But sometimes love just isn’t enough to heal.

I love you. You’re fucked-up and I love you.”
“I love your fucked-upness.”

I valued the friendships I saw in this book. There were so many amazing people. You build unforgettable bonds sometimes with people you meet at important times in your life and you can never let them go. Friends like family. I hated Erik at times for not valuing them when he should have.

”Fuck the fucking fuckers.”
My Enemy does not triumph over me.”
“We own this place.”

This book is freaking poetic. I feel like I have just made this journey myself. For an author to make me feel this way, whilst also writing in third person, is amazing. She is so freaking talented. I can’t even hate her for making me bawl my eyes out. I was not prepared. But I guess I will definitely need to mentally prepare myself before reading book 3. This story is inspiring and I think absolutely everyone should read this. I cannot hurt on my own. I am completely blown away.

This high was even more addictive because it was organic. It was cooked up in the laboratory of his soul. He sucked it up from the depths of his heart, up into his nose and let it melt down from the top of his skull.

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