Review: Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson


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My Rating: 3.75 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I love reading books which fall a little bit outside the box and portray something which may be not everyone could understand. So yeah, the blurb, the forbidden aspect and the title all drew me in to this book; Torrid Affair.

If you didn’t already realise this book revolves around the cheating aspect. Straight away I know some people would never think any kind of cheating is ok, which is fine because to each their own opinions. Me however, actually enjoys it when a book contains cheating. It is a human mistake which we can make and it just makes a book more realistic. I do think we never can judge someone unless we’ve been in their shoes or even tried to be.

This book is told in past and present viewpoints. We are first shown how Brie managed to fall for Nate and how Julian and Delaney became a thing. I was initially frustrated because Nate and Brie annoyed the heck out of me because they didn’t really fight for each other. Brie in particular cared more about her “best friend” who I’m sorry seemed shady as anything. I don’t know if we were meant to sympathise wither more because of how she didn’t pursue a relationship with Nate (even though her best friend and him weren’t a real thing at that point). But, I overcame that fact and I wanted to see where the story would go.

I did really enjoy this book however. The story for me was very interesting. I was interested to know how it was plan out for Brie and Nate. They deserved to be selfish for one another. But I must admit I did eventually begin to feel sorry for Brie. She was lonely as hell, even with a husband. Who was a shit bag by the way. I won’t judge her for staying with him because again, it wasn’t her fault he was an abusive man. She was simply trying to save her marriage, which she thought was the only thing she had left.

Even though I had my issues, I think the story saved the book for me. And if it managed to keep me gripped from beginning to end (because I tend to DNF a lot of books I don’t enjoy) then there was definitely something about it. I did love the storyline and the message it portrayed. Brie had a heart-breaking life and she deserved happiness in the end. I would recommend Torrid Affair for when you’re in the mood for something just a little bit different.

PS I did have a lot of quotes highlighted but since I read this on Kindle Unlimited (and the book was returned) I managed to lose them all. Sigh.

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