Review: Womanizer (Manwhore book 4) by Katy Evans


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My very first book by this author! And I had a great experience overall. If Katy Evans always writes super-hot books, then I will need to read more of her in the future. Olivia is set to intern at her brother’s friends company over 3 months in Chicago. She is determined to prove herself and has her future all planned out. On her very first day, she finds herself on the terrace of the company she is working at and there she meets a possible mail room guy aka Hot Smoker Guy. Possible name Derek.

It was a little different to other books of the same premises. You know the whole falling for your boss ones. While I am a fan of the alpha male, intense bosses, I quite liked how refreshing Callan was. He is smoking, he can be intense but he is actually really nice and never once treated Olivia strangely. If you are familiar with work romances, you’ll know what I mean.

”Failure is not an option.”
He props his elbows on his knees and shifts forward an inch in my direction. “only delays. Besides, regrets are for pussies. Shit happens. You deal with it and push forward. End of story.”

I actually loved Olivia. She was fun but very focused and I guess she reminded a little of myself; always planning! I loved her conversations with ‘Hot Smoker Guy’. I loved the build up to the inevitable realisation of who he was. He was an amazing character, he paid attention to her and treated her right. The scenes with him were also smoking. I know when I read a really hot scene and trust me this book was packed with them. This is also probably why I’m a little bit smitten with Callan.

I’ve always believed you regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do.

My only issue was how short the book was. For me anyway. I think the premises of falling for your brother’s best friend could have included a little bit more drama. I would have loved more angst, the not knowing of where they could be headed. But then again, I also liked that it was different from other books in that regard. While the drama was a little less, it was super fun overall.

Whilst I was expecting the few chapters in the end from Callan, I quite liked Olivia’s more. She was a great heroine and gah, why did this book have to end so soon?

You know that thing you know that won’t do you any good, but you can’t stop doing it anyway? It’s a little bit like smoking, or getting high, eating too much chocolate, chasing the bad boy. Well that’s what Hot Smoker Guy is to me.

I recommend this for when you’re on in the mood for something a little light but something which is fun.

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