Review: Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humour
Series: Ad-Agency
 My Rating:


One of the perks of reading a lot is that you always come across new authors. Nicole Archer is new to me and offered a great start to the new year.

It was a lot about self-discovery, overcoming doubts and previous drama. Having a brand new start. So again it was perfect to bring in the new year with. Callie has dealt with verbal abuse for years. Having to hear how she wasn’t good enough, listening to how so many things were wrong about her. No matter how strong she was or how happy, those things do add up in the end. They make you doubt yourself and the words stick. Even when you try to ignore them. Especially since her ex fiancé cheated on her with her best friend, she was convinced all those things were true. By the way, these are not spoilers since we are told this right from the beginning.

Anyway, she is just going about, hating life and everyone. Never smiling and full of sass and spunk. Not the good kind but the kind that keeps her giving people shit so they don’t get close enough to her. Because after what she went through, major trust issues surround her.

But she has one good friend at least, Skip, who has been there for her through a very tough time in her life. A total nut case but a completely amazing man with a heart of gold. Someone give me a boss like him please! Every day is a party for him, but when you have money to blow, that’s how it goes.

Anyway, Skip is adamant she goes on a road trip with Walker, the supposed manwhore and her co-worker. A road trip meant to bring out their creative sides, with her bring a professional writer and him being a professional photographer. They have the chance to save their company from drowning.

She’s been numb for so long, she’d forgotten what excitement was like. It was as if he heated up her atoms and made her electrons fire faster.

Even though the background of this story is deep, it is actually a very funny read. There is lots of banter and friendly fights between Callie and Walker. It is a really fun road trip where they explore all these fantastic sites and places amongst each other’s company. And of course, it is bound to be an unforgettable adventure whenever road trips are involved. I particularly liked the idea of a song being the intro of every chapter in this book (even though I knew one song out of the whole book) and the quotes from Dorothy Parker were particularly fun to read.

A really fun read overall and I definitely recommend giving this author a go!

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