Review: Heat Wave by Karina Halle

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: None
My Rating:


When I read the prologue I was like HOLY SHIT YES THIS IS GOING TO BE SO ANGSTY. I was instantly drawn in to the idea of it being so forbidden.

You can’t always choose who you fall in love with and only sometimes are you lucky enough to have a second chance.

I loved getting to know Logan first of all. He was so mature and very much perfect. In the sense that if you’re a woman, you cannot help but he attracted to him. Because yes we are all attracted to fictional characters. Anyway, he was very mysterious because you knew he was a good guy deep down but he constantly had this alpha aura around him. It’s hard to explain, he’s just a character you have to know and get to love.

I did somewhat enjoy this book though. I’m not happy saying this because I look up to Karina Halle. I think she sets such a good example and she is always herself on social media. Going a bit of topic here but she speaks about dilemma’s we experience in society, which she should having so many followers and a platform where people listen to her. So yeah that is one of the reasons I will always read her stuff. But this honestly wasn’t the best she’s written.

Soon as the prologue finished, I was eager for the story to start but I felt like nothing actually happened for a very long time in the book. So I kept reading, waiting for something to happen which reflects the storyline. But a lot of it was just about Veronica just exploring Hawaii. Too much description on that rather than the actual storyline. And I’m not against side characters but there was too much interaction with other characters and Veronica rather than between Veronica and Logan.

And then their relationship just seemed to hit it off. Like it took time to develop but rather than experience that, there are gaps in the timeline where we are told that this happened. I just found it really hard to get to the end of the book. I wanted to finish it though, for Karina’s sake. Even though usually if I don’t enjoy a book I will leave it.

I am giving this a 3-star rating because it was ok. It doesn’t fit the criteria for anything lower because it wasn’t that bad. There was just a lot missing for me to be able to fully connect with the characters.

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