Review: The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

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Genre: Fantasy, YA
Series: The Raven Cycle
My Rating:



The Raven Boys is one of those books you just have to give time to get used to. At first I couldn’t get into it but as I went further along in the book I became more and more invested in the story. I am now starting book two straight away because I couldn’t wait!

There were a lot of twists and turns which kept the story interesting. It does help that the whole theme of the book is based on an adventure to find some ancient king and wake him up. But there are a lot of things that go along with that. Such as psychics and weird things going on with a few of the Raven Boys we meet. I know there are going to be many more ‘shocking’ moments and many more things we will find out in the other books. I am very much looking forward to that.

Blue is a sassy main character. I can’t help but admire her relationship with her family too. It can’t be easy living in an extended family or having psychics in the family for that matter, but she embraces her weirdness. And she suits it. Her mother especially is so much fun. She isn’t like other mothers in the sense that she is unsure sometimes of how to deal with Blue. But she does a fantastic job regardless. I hope to see more of Persephone and Calla in the future because I might be a little bit attached to them.

Way back before you were born, Calla and Persephone and I were messing around with things we probably shouldn’t have been messing around with-“


“Rituals. Are you messing around with drugs?”

“No. But maybe rituals.”

“Drugs might be better.”

If you’re looking for something a little bit fun and something a little bit unique, then definitely give this a go. I think I would have been pissed if it was just about a romance tale and just about a prophecy of Blue killing her true love with a kiss. But it is just so much MORE. It is a well thought out plot line and I have full faith in Maggie Stiefvater in delivering more good books in the future.

Blue had two rules: stay away from boys, because they’re trouble, and stay away from raven boys, because they were bastards.

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