Review: Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: None
My Rating:



Sometimes you just need a nice little romantic friends to lovers read you know.

The story is about two friends who work together trying to revive the company ‘Marks Lingerie’. Trey is the owner whereas Kate has just been appointed the new creative director, trying to bring to life a sinking company. There are a few things which could get in the way though. Trey has a reputation with women and well he is an extremely attractive boss to work for. Poor Kate, the temptation is strong.

For me this was more than romance. It showed how everyone is different but you can still find ways to accept each other. People prefer various things but do what makes you happy! I really connected with Kate and how even though she had all the things that were supposed to define happiness, she questioned whether she was just content or whether she was actually happy. Trey also had his own preferences which he shouldn’t have been ashamed to hide.

I wouldn’t blame any man for ever looking at you, Kate,” he says softly. “You’re the most beautiful woman any of us have ever seen.”

Even though this book was not full on smut (I am glad because there was an actual story) it was SUPER hot. I went into this expecting an office romance with lots of steam and I must admit, I love a good theme and story better. But there were still moments, fantasies between Trey and Kate, those ‘almost’ moment which were heated. Trey is so swoon worthy I cannot tell you.

I did think this was different to Alessandra’s usual style. I had my doubts in the beginning, but I am glad I gave this a chance. Because I ended up really enjoying it!

I’m going to end this with my favourite quote/scene from the book.

Will I ever believe that is is real? Will I ever be secure that I won’t lose her? Or will it only get worse? Is that how love works? Is it more painful the harder you fall? Do you worry more with each additional blessing?

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