Review: Dear Life by Meghan Quinn

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: None
My Rating:



Dear life is a book which gives you a very thought provoking, intense and emotional ride. I obviously cried, I mean I would have to be not human to not cry. There were things which were so realistic and so horrible for people to have to go through… it really is something which makes you think.

I liked the concept of this story. It is very unique and provided a new experience for me as a reader. I always know Meghan as someone who’s writing can make me laugh to no end. But I didn’t know she had it in her to give me this experience. Combined with a personal story, she gives us something which might make us think a little bit more about proving our existence. It is one of those books. Where by the end you will be thinking about the stages of the Dear Life programme for yourself. Well I was anyway. I think writing a letter to life might prove to be very therapeutic.

This story takes us a journey of four different lives, who are going through something completely different, but they are brought together anyway. To help one another overcome their grief and setbacks. Struggling with grief doesn’t just go away so a lot of these characters do find themselves stuck, unable to move on. Reading the stories of Daisy, Carter, Hollyn and Jace really got to me.

But it wasn’t all just doom and gloom. Meghan definitely made me laugh in between too. Because there are funny moments which just can’t he helped. Nothing is always 100% sad. Thank you for writing this Meghan. It was so wonderful and unique. I’m going to keep this fairly short and I would recommend this to everyone. I hope you can take out of it what I did.

“Prove your existence. That’s your new motto to live by. What did you do today to prove your existence, what are you doing tomorrow to prove your existence in this world?”

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