Review: The Neighborhood (Twin Estates, #2) by Stylo Fantome

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: (Twin Estates, #2)
My Rating:


I loved loved loved reading this! Yes I really had to say it three times in case you didn’t realise that I really loved it. I’ve grown attached to all these characters. It was a really fun book which showed the “coming out of her shell” strong woman.

I loved how Stylo always comes up with these ‘I won’t take shit from no one’ women. All her women characters are always strong and sassy. Even though Katya is somewhat considered boring and beige in the beginning, she really isn’t. Not that it wouldn’t be ok if she was. But she really stepped out of her comfort zone and found herself. Incredible strength! And to go head to head with people who wronged her, YES. GIRL POWER FTW.

I like both Liam and Wulf equally. Where Wulf in particular stole my heart after the first book finished, Liam did amazing in this. He really cared about Katya. But he has his own self discovering to do, a lot of things to sort out. And Wulf is also doing better after making some crappy decisions (as we see in the ending of book one).

I also liked how forgiveness was portrayed as a strength. I know people many people don’t want to forgive someone after they betrayed your trust. Which is correct but after they REALLY tried for your forgiveness, it isn’t a weakness to give in and give them another chance! That’s power! Because you do it for you. So thank you Katya for being who you are and showing us this.

Overall this was a really great addition to the series. A very angry heroine plus two very remorseful heroes equals fun times.

Messing with Liam was dangerous enough, but Wulf was downright bad for her health. Bad for my soul.

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