Review: The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4) by Maggie Stiefvater

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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Raven Cycle
My Rating:


I am so sad that this journey has come to an end.


Ah. So many things. So many questions I still have. It feels incomplete a little. The ending was too rushed. I need more details! I need to know more about their futures. I missed Gwenllian’s story in the end? What about her mother that she spoke of? What about Noah? What happened with him?

So, here’s me hoping there’s like a spin off or something in the future.

I have no words for a proper review though. I’m just… so sad that this is over! It just feels incomplete. The story just took a completely different turn to what I was expecting. I still love it of course. When you’re super invested in a story like this, it’s hard not to.

I fell a little bit more in love with these characters. Blue, Gansey, Adam, Ronan, Noah; will forever hold a place in my heart!

Adam smiled cheerily. Ronan would start wars and burn cities for that true smile, elastic and amiable.

I lived for the moment’s like below:

“No homework. I got suspended,” Blue replied.
“Get the fuck out,” Ronan said, but with admiration. “Sargent, you asshole.”
Blue reluctantly allowed him to bump fists with her as Gansey eyed her meaningfully in the rearview mirror.
Adam swivelled the other way in his seat – to the right, instead of to the left, so that he was peering around the far side of the headrest. It made him look as if he were hiding, but Blue knew it was just because it turned his hearing ear instead of his deaf ear towards them. “For what?”
“Emptying another student’s backpack over his car. I don’t really want to talk about it.”
“I do,” Ronan said.
“Well, I don’t. I’m not proud of it.”
Ronan patted her leg. “I’ll be proud for you.”

And of course Blue’s strong woman moments.

“I don’t care to be pretty,” Blue shot back hotly, “I care to look on the outside like I look on the inside.”

Ps. Something I didn’t particularly love. I don’t know whether the author planned this from the beginning or what, but the ‘quest’ was kinda disappointing. I mean we were all waiting for one thing and it’s just kinda brushed to the side.

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