Review: Grievous (Scarlet Scars, #2) by J.M. Darhower

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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Scarlet Scars
My Rating:


A brilliant conclusion for Lorenzo. I am of course sad because it’s over! This is so good you guys.

I should know better than to think anything the nice side of me does could ever be good enough for somebody else.

Sometimes you know two perspectives just really don’t work. But this did. And so well too. Lorenzo’s parts were incredible. He is insane but gosh so hilarious. I honestly laughed out loud more times than I could count. And no, this isn’t a comedy. But he made me laugh because even though he’s this scary ass criminal- whatever he is- he’s a freaking child.

“Whoa, Pretty Boy!” I tilt my head as the door slams into the wall. “I didn’t know Firecracker was so bendy.” Shouts, panic, as they scramble, throwing blankets over themselves, Firecracker covering up entirely as she pushes Leo off of her. Truthfully, I saw nothing, but if I’m getting cock-blocked, so is my brother.

“I wanted to shoot him in the fucking face, but then I’d have to blame it on Seven, so I kept my cool for his sake.”

He’s also not so bad especially since he is trying to save Morgan’s daughter, Sasha, from her mobster ‘father’. Morgan wants to find her daughter at all costs. After everything she endured whilst living with that monster, there is no way she’s every going to stop trying. I was also very much attached to her character too. She’s not given up hope even after everything and she’s still resilient. She doesn’t take shit from anyone.

She thinks I won’t shoot her. Fuck you, over there, shaking your head at me. I will. Just because I don’t doesn’t mean I won’t. Just because I haven’t doesn’t meant it’ll never happen.

Honestly, I’m not much for series or spin offs. I don’t find them appealing at all usually but J.M Darhower has rocked this category. I’m not going to rant about my undying love for Monster in his eyes because frankly we’d be here all day but Scarlet Scars was just what I needed from the author to keep me going.

This isn’t undying love. I mean it is if you think about Morgan wanting to save Sasha no matter what. But there are no crazy confessions of love or that cheesy shit. Lorenzo and Morgan just aren’t those people. They do feel for each other of course or else Morgan wouldn’t be relying on Lorenzo and Lorenzo wouldn’t have tolerated her. I think this quote sums it up the best: I can breathe without him. I don’t need him. He’ll never complete me, because I’m already complete. But yet so much of me is now tangled up with so much of him that the thought of living the rest of my life without him around makes me feel cold inside, like he gives me my warmth.

There were crazy moments, there were funny moments. Some bits were so sad I cried. But every little bit worked together so well that the whole thing was amazing. I finished this in no time at all.

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