Review: Here to Stay (The Fish Tales, #3) by Suanne Laqueur

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Epic
Series: The Fish Tales
My Rating:


This is some of the best writing I have read. Suanne has ruined me completely. There was so much soul and so much emotion pouring from every sentence. I am slayed 100%. This is pure art.

More and more aware how the past was made up of stepping stones to now. No coincidences. No accidents. You gravitated toward and attracted the people you were meant to have in your life.

I kind of regret not reading this as soon as I finished the first book. I wanting to be emotionally ready (which I am totally not by the way) but I picked this up because I knew it would be amazing. And not going to lie, while it was emotional as hell, it didn’t give me actual tears like the first one.

Ah, Daisy and Erik. These two are everything. They gave me life. Soul mates finally meeting again. They were always meant to be. It took them years to return to one another but they could only truly ‘live’ if they were together. The world was brighter, everything was much more clear. And they were finally actually happy. I will forever cherish these two in my heart. Especially Erik.

“You’re still the one I can tell anything. You’re still the one, when my sentences run out of words, you finish them by looking at me. But at the same time you’re surprising me. I still get to discover you. I love who you’ve become. And I love that who I’ve become still works with you.”

It was really an incredible experience growing as a person along with Erik. He helped me put in to perspective many things. After years of running away from his past, he finally had the courage to revisit it. So he could grow and become a better man. There were so many things. His family for one, I loved getting to know his history and who his ancestors were, what they did and their stories. It was something else entirely.

“I love you so much,” he said. But his voice was hoarse and the first two words got lost. You so much. It settled into his heart like a creed. He said it again. “You so much.” She turned her head up to him. “So much you,” she said.

More than anything though, I loved his relationship with Will. Best friends, brothers whatever their relationship was, it was so much more. It was true love. I’m so glad they had each other because they deserved such pure love. Their flirting of course always was the best. I mean yeah, Will is in love with Lucky and all and Erik with Daisy but still they had SOMETHING. And it was evident and I saw it. Gah. THEIR MOMENTS HAVE ME LIFE. There are so many scenes between them which I highlighted. I can’t copy and paste them all sadly.

As an acceptable amount of eye contact came and went, Erik felt the air shimmer and tighten. Just as it did when he stared at Daisy. The night pulled away. He felt his chest turn out. Everything in creation seemed to look back over its shoulder at them. “What?” Will’s mouth formed the word with barely a sound. Erik shook his head a little. “Nothing,” he said, equally noiseless.

He was still fit and built with ramrod straight posture. Dark-eyed, proud and handsome. Larger than life with his physical affection and irreverent humor. Brutally honest yet tender-hearted and protective of the ones he loved. “You keep staring at me like that and we’ll have to take it inside,” Will said.

I love the importance of relationships that was placed in this book. Whether it’s family, lover, friend or family you make which aren’t blood. We don’t really love like that anymore; we take people for granted. But everyone is there for Erik when he needs them and they help him grow.

I really believe this. Souls have a purpose and their energy belongs with a certain other energy. They go where they belong. It’s not random…”

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Not sorry for the caps. Going to go and read more Suanne now. I might never get enough!

“Don’t leave me,” she whispered under him. “I can’t,” he said. “I’d never breathe again.”

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