Review: An Exaltation of Larks by Suanne Laqueur

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: None
My Rating:



I can’t get over how beautifully this story was written. I am going to have the worst case of a ‘book hangover’. This author speaks to my soul, there’s no other way to describe it. I am in absolute awe!

“Aware of how tenuous life can be. How too many things go unsaid or undone. How we wait too long and miss the chance.”

It was all very poetic. The writing was laid out perfectly. The characters so easy to love and get attached to. It was a little different than other books I have read because instead of the usual two we have three main characters; Val, Alex and Jav. They all have their own stories but are also intertwined with one another. But we also get some input from other characters in the future who I can’t really mention because spoilers.

Alejandro Gabriel Eduardo Penda Vilaró. “We gave you lots of names,” Eduardo once said. “So you can be anyone you want.”

Val has always been this confident and sassy individual who knows what she wants and goes for it. Alex immigrated to America without his family and after living with his uncle, he moves in with Val’s family. So they both grow up together. Jav also emigrates to America from Dominican Republic with his family but their path’s don’t clash until way later.

“I want to wake up every morning and listen to your heart. I want to be the last man you slept with. When you say it’s been a long time since you made love, I want that time to be a matter of hours. Because I loved you last night. And I’m going to love you again tonight.”

He was my favourite of them all. He goes through something really tragic but he doesn’t really lose focus of himself or the person he is. He has every right to be mad and angry at the world and totally become a shitty person. But he doesn’t. He moves on moves forward and makes his life great but love however is out of the question for him. Because after what he was dealt with, why would he want to love?

“He was gone. Two months now. Disappeared like last night’s dream, taking all the dopey fun and leaving the bereft confusion. Reducing Jav to pathetic walk-bys that invariably ended in disappointment and a bummed-out subway ride home. An abandoned toy lamenting, Don’t you love me anymore?”

There are parts which were incredibly hard for me to handle. What happens to Alex initially when he has to leave Chile. You hear about these things but you really don’t understand the immensity of them. And then when 9/11 happens and so many lives are effected. And oh gosh, what Jav has to deal with, I just couldn’t you know? Why must shitty things keep happening to him. He deserved love!

The mariner’s smile flashed in the dark as he navigated Jav past the shoals of inexperience and out into the open waters of love, where Jav put magic words in both their mouths.

But then he gets his nephew and things do start looking up for him. But it’s complicated. SO MUCH DRAMA. But it’s oh so good. All their paths are entwined with one another in the strangest of ways.

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