Review: Taking Turns (Turning book 1) by J.A. Huss

Taking TurnsPurchase This: AMAZON UK l AMAZON US
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Turning
My Rating:


I’m super confused on how to rate this because I did enjoy it but I had my issues too. I was really excited to read this because hello, three hot guys, one girl… ya know. But I’ll go through what worked and what didn’t so I can get all my thoughts across. Possible spoilers ahead!!!

Okay so when I first started I couldn’t get into it. The guys all seemed like dicks and not the attractive alpha’s at all. Especially Smith. He basically found this girl in his closet and the first thing he does is finger her? And then he breaks into her house and jerks off to her sleeping? That sort of behaviour did not sit well with me. But then he changes person completely and becomes not so much of a dick after all.

It was quite different though I must admit. The storyline and concept of the book that is. So as much as I wanted to stop right there in the first half, I continued on and I ended up really getting into it and enjoying it.

Another thing that didn’t work for me however was the lack of feels? Idk, maybe I’m just used to reading books where I feel so much? But I like to at least feel something for the characters. Which I didn’t. And I really thought the heroine lacked personality. There wasn’t that connection which I normally get when I read in first person. All the characters sounded exactly the same (since this is told from four different perspectives). But that might be the reason why the writing wasn’t able to create that connection with the character. Because there were too many perspectives and not enough focus on one character.

So yeah. I liked it enough but it didn’t really wow me or anything like that. I don’t know whether I’ll be reading the next book. I might just to find out what happens next!

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