Book Review: Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass 6) by Sarah J. Maas

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Genre: Fantasy 
Series: Throne of Glass
My Rating:




Oh book blogging, I’ve missed you. I’ve avoided doing this for so long… I haven’t been reading much at all since the past few months. Life issues. But I had to get to doing what I loved eventually so here I am.

Tower of Dawn has surpassed ALL my expectations. I’ve been putting it off for a long while, maybe I doubted that I would like it. I think it’s mainly because I’ve never really loved Chaol. I liked him – kinda in the previous books. It was his attitude that always bugged me but I guess I never really understood him. Which is why I feel it is important for him to get his own book.

I got to know him forreal in this book. And it was really weird how much I had in common with his inner thoughts. He is a good person, no matter what he might think of himself or what he shows to the world. He 100% won me over! This story I feel was important, not just for the crazy story reveals, but also to get to know Chaol truly.

The storyline was as per Sarah’s usual writing. You know her shocking twists and fantastic plotlines. You just never know what to expect! You have to be some kind of incredible to take a very meh character (for me) and turn him into someone who I will now be fangirling over. It wasn’t just Chaol. It was a new character Yrene, Sartaq and Nesryn too. At first I was a bit bored with Nesryn but then when she goes with Sartaq on this adventure, she piqued my interest a little bit more. I really liked this character named Kashin too but I’m sad that his role was limited and we couldn’t get to know him more. Perhaps in a future book?

I can’t wait for them all to get together in the next book and just see the changes in each other. I’m also really scared with how it will turn out because I will not take any character sacrifices!

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