Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity 2) by Victoria Schwab

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy 
Series: Monsters of Verity
My Rating:


I AM BROKEN. The feels are just too much.

I finished this in one day, I just could not put this book down. Why did it end so fast? It just feels incomplete.

Honestly, Victoria Schwab just amazes me. How does she do it?! She really out did herself in this one. It is possible that I love this series more than I do A Darker Shade of Magic. There was just a pull about it, maybe it was the characters or the way the story developed, I ended up connecting to it really well.

One thing that didn’t work well for me is that the ending felt slightly rushed. Certain events just happened really quickly. Maybe the author was trying to spear us the pain of tragic events but it was a slight injustice to the story overall. It was just abruptly ended. Saying that, in terms of the storyline the ending was justified. Not everything ends as a fairytale. Even though this story is about monsters which couldnt be more fictional, it also gave way for reality because certain books don’t always get the ending you want. There needs to be an element of pain and it is going to take SO much time for a happy ending to even happen. This is a world full of monsters and they’re not just going to go away.

I think August just did it for me. He has to be one of the best characters ever. I love him, I really do. Just everything about him. Him and Kate just makes me want to cry. I want more stories relating to him in the future. I HOPE IT HAPPENS ONE DAY.

She was sitting alone near the edge of the room, head bowed over a tablet, and August didn’t know if it was deja vu from their first day at Colton, or that she was the only stillness at the centre of a storm, or that she was Kate Harker, and everywhere she went, she brought her own gravity with her.

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