Mean Girls Book Tag

So I haven’t been posting much lately and I thought I would do a book tag; I came across this ‘Mean Girls’ one! I haven’t been reading new books and I’m so caught up in real life, I’m struggling to balance at the moment. I’m currently re-reading an old favourite series ‘Remember When’ by  T. Torrest. I wasn’t tagged by anyone but came across this at The … Continue reading Mean Girls Book Tag

Blog Tour: Debt by Rachel Dunning

Expected Release Date: March 30, 2016 Genres: New-Adult Romance, Sports Romance BLURB: The Debt Collector I pay my debts, and I expect others to. I was raised in the slums of London, I knew nothing of privilege. My father was murdered when I was seventeen. Morty figured my father’s passing meant I would automatically take on dad’s debts. I refused. And I paid for that refusal. So did … Continue reading Blog Tour: Debt by Rachel Dunning

Top 10 Second Chance Romance Books

Now, if you really know my reading tastes, you will know that I am an absolute sucker for second chance romances. They make me melt in a guey puddle. Without further ado, here is a list of books which officially make it to my top 10 second chance romance books. 1. No Reverse (Second Chances #1) by Marion Croslydon It would only make sense that … Continue reading Top 10 Second Chance Romance Books

Favourite Five: Book Quotes

Note: Adopted from The Broke and the Bookish – Top Ten Tuesday Hola Amigos! I’m beginning to venture more and more out of reviewing. It’s great doing new things such as book tags and top favourite posts! There are just so many quotes out there (of course there would be as there are books involved, which doesn’t make this the easiest post to be honest). … Continue reading Favourite Five: Book Quotes

BOOK TAG Inside and Out

I did my first book tag recently and ended up really enjoying writing the post. I thought I should continue the trend and try out a new one which caught my eye. Feel free to tag yourselves! I saw this at originally. That blog is awesome! Inside flap / Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough. Quite a lot of … Continue reading BOOK TAG Inside and Out